Seeing Red

We are seeing red right now – as in spectacular red Royal Poinciana trees all down Love Street (the street we live on). These popular trees are, in fact, found all around Brisbane and Australia, as they are well suited to the sub tropical, almost tropical climate that we are in.  This brilliant red flowering tree follows closely on the heels of the beautiful purple Jacaranda trees that you saw in one of our first posts.

Poincianas on Love Street

Poincianas on Love Street 4

Poincianas on Love Street 2

Poinciana & Diane

Poinciana and Ed


While we are on the topic of flowers, check out the newly developed Photo Gallery page (on the menu above) and explore the Flower Gallery. Click on to the flowers to get a larger carousel view. In this view there is room for comments at the bottom. I have posted some there already.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Red

    • I’m glad that you are enjoying the pictures. I really enjoy all the colorful flowers and trees here, but I will admit that I will miss white this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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