Tugun, Gold Coast

A few weekends ago, Ed had some time off due to the G20 restricted access to the city.  So, we took a little holiday to the Gold Coast to a quieter stretch of ocean at Tugun.  Our apartment, although slightly dated, was spacious with a gorgeous view to the ocean from our large patio doors and we had direct access to the beach.  We really enjoyed being here, with the bonus that there were some great places to eat in Tugun and also at Kirra Beach by Coolongatta.

Pelican Sands Tugun

Pelican Sands

A grand look out

Ocean at our doorstep

Loving the sun, the sand, the ocean

Distant views of Surfer’s Paradise Gold Coast



It was unusually windy this weekend, which provided some relief from the hot sun, and also great kite surfing for those who do that sort of thing. It looks quite difficult.

Lots of space to play

Windsurfing at Tugun

Lots of Wind




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