Adelaide North Terrace

North Terrace runs along the northern edge of the Adelaide CBD – makes sense.  It is a wide roadway, with a wide walkway, bordered on the south by shopping at Rundle Mall and bordered on the north side of North Terrace by gardens, museums, the University of Adelaide, statues and war memorials and lots of green space beyond that.

North Terrace

North Terrace

David Jones and Tiffany

David Jones and Tiffany – David Jones is a high quality department store chain – something like Eatons was in Canada. You might notice the distinctive color of the Tiffany store doorway as well. Ed would not let me go in there 😉

In the first picture, you may have noticed a memorial sculpture on the corner (right side of the picture). This is the National War Memorial, commemorating those who served in WWI. “The monument has two sides…represent[ing] the prologue and the epilogue of war.

To represent the prologue to the war…the side facing North Terrace features a relief of the Spirit of Duty appearing as a vision before the youth of South Australia, represented…by…a girl, a student and a farmer abandoning the “symbols of their craft.” (Wikipedia)

National War Memorial Adelaide

National War Memorial Adelaide

“On the reverse side of the monument, facing away from the traffic, is a relief carved into the marble representing the epilogue of the war and depicting the Spirit of Compassion as a winged spirit of womanhood bearing aloft a stricken youth. Beneath the figure is situated the Fountain of Compassion, the flow of water representing the “constant flow of memories”, while the lion’s head from which it emerges, (and which bears the Imperial Crown), is representative of the British Commonwealth of Nations.” (Wikipedia)

As we continued walking along the spacious North Terrace we passed the University of Adelaide which was fronted by the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum.  Like many museums in Australia, both are free (except for special exhibits) and very enjoyable to explore.

Art Gallery of South Australia

Adelaide Art Gallery

Relaxing in front of the Art Gallery

Art Gallery of South Australia

South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum in Adelaide

South Australia Museum

Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia

Our favorite museum was the South Australian Museum. One of the exhibits that we found most fascinating was that of the Pacific Cultures. Below is a gallery of some of the exhibit displays, which included totems and masks, spears, clubs, skulls, and some gruesome stories of cannibalism and tribal warfare – but also stories of friendship. For best viewing, view on the blog site.

Pacific Cultures, South Australian Museum

Pacific Cultures, South Australian Museum

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The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a very pleasant place to wander around – lots of greenery and interesting architecture.

University of Adelaide

U of Adelaide

Mitchell Bldg, University of Adelaide

Mitchell Bldg, U of A

University of Adelaide

Crepe Myrtle or Lagerstroemia

Bonython Hall

Bonython Hall

At the end of the North Terrace walk, we explored the Botanic Gardens – a very pleasurable way to spend a sunny afternoon. My favorite was the Glass House.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens


This picture of the pigeons on the water sculpture was not in the gardens, but rather on North Terrace. It certainly was a delightful walk.


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