Sydney Series: Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk


I got this map from this website:

High up on TripAdvisor‘s list of Sydney attractions (#2 of 355 Sydney attractions), is the 6 km Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk. This will take 2 hours to do, but you can also do smaller segments and take a bus back from any beach. You can also extend the walk on either end.

Ed and I took the bus from the CBD to Coogee where we started our walk along this spectacular and varied coastline. We followed the water’s edge past beaches, rock pools, parks, boats, rock formations, restaurants, and even a cemetery, until we found ourselves at Bondi Beach.

Coogee Beach

This is our starting point, and also our introduction to these unique concrete turreted swimming areas which provide a safe haven for families with young children and a deeper water safe haven for adults who don’t want to deal with waves or sharks 😉

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

Overlooking Coogee Beach

Overlooking Coogee Beach

Waverly Cemetary

With tremendous views that only visitors will enjoy, this location comes as a complete surprise.

Sydney Ed and Diane 098

Waverly Cemetery

Sydney 023

Waverly Cemetery

Along The Way

Some parts of the walk have a boardwalk, some parts have less structure, and sometimes you veer off to city streets which have white markings to guide you back to the water’s edge. There is so much of interest along the way, including several beaches. The waves are very good and we often saw groups of surfers at every beach.

Sydney Ed and Diane 002

Coogee Bondi walkway

Boats and Rocks

Boats and Rocks

Sydney Ed and Diane 007

Ocean fed swimming pools

Sydney Ed and Diane 009

Waves and sand

Sydney Ed and Diane 013

Walkway views

Rock formations

The rock formations of this coastline are fascinating.

Sydney Ed and Diane 016

Rock formations

Bondi Beach

When we were there, it wasn’t really beachy weather, so we didn’t swim in the ocean, but Bondi is a very popular beach in Sydney. There is even a TV show called “Bondi Rescue” which focuses on the active working life of the lifeguards there. If you don’t want to swim here, you can always explore some of the many shops and restaurants that line the beach.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

The walk has only taken us a couple of hours. I would definitely walk it again and then leave some time to swim at Bondi or to explore the shops nearby. Until next time…


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