Sydney Series: Exploring from the center out

Continuing to Explore Sydney…

There is a lot to see an do in Sydney without going too far away from the city center. Here continues a compilation of our explorations of Sydney over several visits. (Soon to come: Sydney Icons)

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Sydney Ed and Diane 043

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Within the Sydney Botanical Gardens is a lovely surprise. The Art Gallery of NSW is an excellent art gallery – for a rainy day or a nice stop when exploring the gardens. It is located down at the south end of the park and has free entry. Every time that I have visited, there is something new to see.

Sydney Ed and Diane 044

Art Gallery of New South Wales

There is a good variety of art styles, always including the distinctive style of the Aboriginal peoples. Special Installations mean that there is always something new to explore.

Milford Sound painting

Milford Sound painting

Special Art Installation

“On 12 March 1930, Mahatma Gandhi gave a speech that marked the beginning of his ‘saltmarch’ during which he walked 390 km to the coastal town of Dandi in Gujarat. There he gathered salt and refused to pay the tax imposed by the colonial British government. This simple and now famous act inspired nationwide civil disobedience, spurring an intensified Indian independence movement. Gandhi’s legacy of non-violent protest continues to influence political action worldwide.” – description on museum information card

“In Public notice 2 (2007) Indian artist Jitish Kallat renders Gandhi’s historic speech in its entirety, letter by letter. Each letter appears to be made from bone as though Kallat has exhumed these words from their historical resting place. As Kallat says: ‘In today’s terror infected world, where wars against terror are fought at prime television time, voices such as Gandhi’s stare back at us like discarded relics.” – from the description on the museum display

Hyde Park

The Royal Botanical Gardens are not the only gardens to be found in the Sydney city center. On the southern end of the Botanical Gardens you will find Hyde Park. Hyde Park has several distinctive features: Archibald Fountain and Anzac Memorial with its classical styled water feature.

Archibald Fountain

Sydney Ed and Diane 037

Archibald Fountain with St. Mary’s Cathedral in the background

Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park

Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Situated nicely between the two parks is the distinctive St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Anzac Memorial

Sydney 2014 112

Ed at Anzac Memorial

Most of the buildings in Sydney’s CBD are modern in design, some older sandstone structures remain. It is a delight to wander around the city and look at theseĀ remnants of history.

Queen Victoria Building

Although this building was constructed between 1893 and 1898, it has been renovated and now houses a variety of shops, many of them high end.

Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall clock tower

Town Hall clock tower

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