South Bank

I’ve updated this post to include visitors and new and improved pictures.

Two Canadians in Australia

One of the more interesting districts in Brisbane is the area of South Bank, situated on the southern bank of the Brisbane River, across from the city center (CBD). This cultural, educational, and recreational area is visited by over 11,000,000 people a year. It is a feature packed area that is home to parkland, universities, several museums, a convention center, theatres, restaurants and bars, hotels, and even a beach.

Brisbane art installation Brisbane art installation – Southbank with view to City

South Bank Parklands

The South Bank Parklands was built on the site of Expo 88, and since then has grown and developed into an amazing inner city destination that is full of features that make it popular with tourists and locals alike, throughout the year. It has its own ferry station and it is a busy one at that. The walkway is lined with multicolored Bougainvillea along the…

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