Out and About – Mt. Cootha, Suncorp Stadium, and the University of Queensland

Mt. Cootha

Views from Mt. Coot-tha over the city are fabulous. And that is just the icing on the cake of bushland, walking trails, bike trails, botanical gardens, planetarium, and a great cafe from which to enjoy the views.

Looking out over the city of Brisbane from Mt. Coot Tha

Mt Coot Tha Lookout over the City of Brisbane

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, 1857-1935, Russian scientist, founder of Cosmonautics

Brisbane Botanic Gardens



Pelican Flower

Pelican Flower

This is an interesting flower. We were lucky enough to be there when this was in bloom. Although I personally could not smell it, this bloom, one of the world’s largest, puts out an odor that smells like rotting meat, attracting flies – which the plant lures inside and then uses to pollinate in a 3 phase process. The fly is eventually released unharmed.

Rugby at Suncorp

Australians are huge sports fans – Rugby, Football, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis… Our friends Rod and Ros, gave us tickets to the Australian Rugby League game at Suncorp Stadium. We were excited to go and we enjoyed the experience. Every time the Broncos scored, there would be fireworks. (We saw a lot of fireworks that night.) You can do fireworks because the stadium is open air! A fact which I forgot often because the weather is so fine in Brisbane most of the time!

Broncos game 2

Broncos game 2

Broncos game

Broncos game

Broncos score

Broncos score

University of Queensland

If it is a nice day and you feel like being on the water, just hop on a ferry and take it upstream to the end of the line. There you will find the University of Queensland. The University has some nice parkland and some nice elegantly styled older buildings.

U of Queensland

Queensland University 8

Queensland University 9

Along these hallowed halls

Queensland University 7

Ibis walking the halls of QU

Ibis walking the halls of the University of Queensland

On one of our visits we were drawn to this parkland area by the noisy sounds of Cockatoos who were roosting in the far tree.

U of Q - Cockatoos in tree 3

U of Q – Cockatoos in tree

Queensland University 3

Queensland University 2



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