Still on the Water – River Walks


Pedestrian traffic markings

Pedestrian traffic markings

I have never seen a city so connected to the river that runs through it. It is the primary means of transportation for many people; pilings are dug in to hold up freeways, walkways, and ferry stations; thousands of people walk and jog along the river every day and through many neighborhoods and parks, and it is here that you will see some prime real estate. Further, it is the backdrop for fireworks displays and parklands, restaurants and cafes and modern housing developments. The CBD is surrounded on 3 sides by the river. The River has played an important part in the historical and commercial development of Brisbane. So, it is no surprise that I am required (by myself) to place another post featuring the river.


There is over 20 km of walkway along the water, so there is no shortage of places to walk. And when you get tired of walking, you can always rent a bike. Pathways are wide – even marked in certain high traffic areas in order to facilitate safe passage for cyclists and pedestrians.

West End Walkway

West End Walkway


The wide walkways along the river are very conducive to walking, jogging, and bicycle riding. But sometimes they take you on strange journeys under bridges and even under Motorways! The pictures below show you the below ground and above ground stories.

Walkway by North Quay

Walkway by North Quay

Under the M1

Under the M3 Motorway


From the top


Under the bridge on the walkway – bridge art

City Cat Ferry

And, if you ever get tired of walking or cycling, you can just grab the next City Cat at the next ferry station. One of the changes that occurred during the period of time that we were here was the upgrading of many of the CityCat Ferry Terminals. (See the recently updated “A River Runs Through It” for more.) The one you see immediately below is the attractive new version. The one beneath it is the Southbank ferry station, which is still in the old style. I’m not sure why this one wasn’t upgraded since it sees a consistently large amount of traffic. Perhaps they want to keep the retro style or they can’t figure out how to effectively reroute traffic while constructing a new station. (All the other stations were shut down during renovations.)


Southbank Ferry Station

Southbank Ferry Station

And, as always, a favorite of mine because of its location at Eagle Street…

Riverside station

But the best one is the one that Ed comes home to every day – Bulimba! (This was renovated. Again, see “A River Runs Through It” for more on this.)  I don’t usually meet him at the station but I do often walk with him to the station in the morning. Here I might linger for a minute or two to enjoy the Jacaranda tree when it is in bloom and watch the momma Butcherbird tend her nest. (For more on the Jacaranda, see a previous post “Jacaranda Trees“)

Butcher Bird tends her nest

Butcher Bird tends her nest

Soon to come…Continuing on our walking explorations along the water:  River walk: CBD through the Botanical Gardens and Across the River via the Goodwill Pedestrian Bridge to Southbank.


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