Flowers and Trees

Flower Photo Gallery

Brisbane is a colorful city in terms of flowers.  It is considered a sub-tropical climate, which opens up an inspiring range of possibilities.  It is also humid, creating an encouraging environment for plant life.  I love taking pictures of the flowers and trees and then researching what they are.  All of the flowers shown in these pictures grow prolifically here.

I am especially inspired by all the amazing flowering trees. Look for another gallery showing more flowers associated with trees.  (I did sneak in a couple of Plumeria/Frangipani  or Bottlebrush pictures here, but will probably also show them in the tree gallery.) Speaking of Bottlebrush, see if you can guess which pictures show the Bottlebrush flower.  Hint, if you scroll your mouse over the picture, it will show you the name of the flower.  For the best views of these pictures, click on to any picture for a larger presentation.


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